Democratizing Space

We are a group of young generation space activists, combining of a student, researchers, media personnel, journalist aged between 18-24. Our goal is to promote more space activity, raise awareness, and democratizing access to space in Thailand. 

Website and Social Media

Each year, we crate more than 1,000+ pieces of content all about space. From daily news update to a long-form video documentary. We have travel more than thousands miles to seek for the best content. We provide a daily news on space exploration, discoveries. Our team always pick interesting story.

Video and Documentary

Not only article, we have our own video program on our social media. Weekly videos are updated to help space become closer to our audiences. The audience can sit back, relax, and watch our content anywhere. When there are interesting stories. We provide a coverage narrated in Thai for our audience to enjoy.


We host a podcast on Thai Public Broadcasting service bringing the inside of space exploration and science to the large audience in Thailand.


We have travel more than thousands miles to seek for the best content. Solar Eclipse event in Singapore, new giant radio telescope facility in Chiang Mai, Thailand space event in Cambridge, United States. or even at the Cape Canaveral where spacecrafts are being launched to the orbit.

We travel the world to explore and bring some of the most fascinating story to our followers. The more support we get, the more place we can explore.

and Research

Beyond content creation, we create the entire experience that everybody can join. From space exhibitions to online courses.

We help brands, government agents, and research companies archive their goals providing the best services for science communication, foresight research, exhibition designing, video productions, and more.

and Branded Content

We create some advertorial pieces based on our customers target group and messages. This helps various of brand archive their marketing goals and objectives.