We are a group of young generation space activists, combining of a student, researchers, media personnel, journalist aged between 18-24. Our goal is to promote more space activity, raise awareness, and democratizing access to space in Thailand.

We originated form a small group of bloggers in 2017. After we won a “Best New Blog Award” in Thailand Best Blog Awards 2017 we realized that our mission is to help inspire more young generations.

Today, we have more than 500,000 followers on social media. Our original contents generate more than 2,000,000 engagement monthly.

Since 2018, we started to organize our own events, keynotes, gathering sessions both online and offline with more than 100,000 people joined. From helping the National Science Museum organize the exhibition inside National Science Fair in 2019, promoting STEM with the US Embassy in Bangkok,

In 2020, Spaceth launched its first space experiment, scientific & arts payload aboard the Blue Origin mission.

The largest, most influential space media platform in Thailand.

  • a website with 100,000+ readers monthly.
  • a Facebook page with more than 5,000,000 reaches monthly.
  • a 25K followers Twitter account.
  • a 10K followers Instagram with around 10,000 content interactions monthly.
  • a Blockdit (Thai long-form content reading platform.) account with 16K quality readers.
  • a Podcast program with Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

Our story has been featured in the most Thai news websites, The Standard, The MATTER, The Momentum, The Cloud, a day Bulletin. We also featured on television, Voice TV, Thai PBS, Chanel 3, Chanel 9, and more.

Creating Space Contents for everyone.

Each year, we crate more than 1,000+ pieces of content all about space. From daily news update to a long-form video documentary. We have travel more than thousands miles to seek for the best content.

Insight Articles, Daily news

We provide a daily news on space exploration, discoveries. When scientist discover something fun, we can not wait to share and help our followers to understand them. Our editorial team always pick the most interesting story and share them on our website and social media.


Website , Facebook Page , Twitter , Instagram – for more statistic, enquiry [email protected]

Travels and Explorations

Solar Eclipse event in Singapore, new giant radio telescope facility in Chiang Mai, space event in Cambridge, United States. We travel the world to explore and bring some of the most fascinating story to our followers. The more support we get, the more place we can explore.


บันทึกการล่าสุริยุปราคาวงแหวนที่สิงคโปร์  (Singapore Solar Eclipse) – Sponsored content by Fuji Film Thailand
Video – พาขึ้นเรือบรรทุกเครื่องบินกองทัพเรือสหรัฐฯ (Aircraft Carrier visit) – Exclusive content supported by US Embassy Bangkok.
Thai National Radio Telescope พาชมกล้องโทรทรรศน์วิทยุของคนไทย 40 เมตร เจาะลึกการทำงาน (Visiting Thai National Radio Telescope) – Exclusive content supported by National Astronomical Research Institute Thailand.

Videos, Stories

Not only article, we have our own video program on our social media. Weekly videos are updated to help space become closer to our audiences. The audience can sit back, relax, and watch our content anywhere.


ยาน Perseverance 4 เดือนหลังจากลงจอดบนดาวอังคาร (Perseverance 4 months after landing) – 1 million video views within a week, new program.

Live Space Events Watching, Launching Parties

The biggest scientific discovery? new image of a blackhole? new inter-planetary space mission launch? We will not miss moments of gathering and watching them together. We provide a live coverage narrated in Thai for our audience to enjoy. Some live event can have up to 100,000 viewers joining.


ถ่ายทอดสดภาพแรกของหลุมดำ (Event Horizon Telescope press event live)
SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch – 100,000 viewers joining live.

Events, Researchs, Activities

Beyond content creation, we create the entire experience that everybody can join. From space exhibitions to online courses.

Space Event in Bangkok Design Week

February 2020, Spaceth self-organized event inside Bangkok Design Week. “Design the Universe” helps people learn and explore connections between science, art, and space exploration. 50 people joined the “Space Food Design” workshop.

Space Lab

Spaceth launched “Space Lab” classes with “Space Zab company”. We help students across country to access to space education by providing them hand-on experiences.

Molecular Encoded Storage for Space Exploration

In 2020-2022 Spaceth with Freak Lab, MIT Media Lab, and mu Space conduct research on possibility of using DNA storage as a long-term data storage in space. We developed an algorithm to store musical notation into DNA using Gibson’s assembly DNA editing technique. the experiment was launched into space on Blue Origin NS-13 mission to study impact of a spaceflight on our DNA.

Molecular Encoded Storage for Space Exploration is a project lead by high school students. This is an example of how Spaceth makes space become more accessible to everyone.

Services, Ads, and paid productions.

We help brands, government agents, and research companies archive their goals providing the best services for science communication, foresight research, exhibition designing, video productions, and more.

Research foresight Future Tales Lab, MQDC

MQDC is a leading real-estate company based in Bangkok, Thailand. MQDC interests in investing into the future possibility of human living in space. We help the company on their “Future Tales Lab” project to research and foresight into the future of space for everyone since 2019.

Product type: Research foresight, Academic support.

Exhibition design Apollo 50th anniversary, National Science Museum

In 2019, the year with 50th anniversary of humanity’s first Moon landing and exploration, National Science of Museum of Thailand organized space, moon landing exhibitions during Thai National Science Week 2019. We were hired to create content, design knowledge-flow, and promote the event. Total visitor of the entire venue was estimated to be over 1.1 million.

Product type: Exhibition design, Copywriting, Communication, Advertorial

Content Production National Space Exploration, GISTDA

In 2018, GISTDA organized a program called “National Space Exploration” to promote a space research. The program awarded scientists to conduct their experiment on the International Space Station. We help them to create content, guide for scientist to understand more about space-based experiment.

Product type: Design and communication, Advertorial

Content Production Daypoets, The Momentum, a day Bulletin

a day Bulletin, The Momentum (Day Poets company) is a big online publishing company based in Bangkok, Thailand. They mainly focus on lifestyles, arts, and technology.

We help them create a content based on a connection between science and culture.

Product type: Content Production

Content Production Salt Publishing

Salt Publishing is a leading book publisher in Thailand. While book is considered to be a traditional media. Salt and Spaceth understand that creating a fast, catchy, online content can help our audience find their next favorite writing pieces. We co-create a series of an online content based on their books.

Product type: Content Production


We create some advertorial pieces based on our customers target group and messages. This helps various of brand archive their marketing goals and objectives.

Below are examples of our works.

Genie Records

A new song by Potato featuring Slot Machine is based on a planetary analogy. The connection between music, art and science is limitless.

Potato เป็นดวงอาทิตย์ Slot Machine เป็นดวงจันทร์ ปรากฎการณ์ทางดาราศาสตร์ของสองวง

Lectures, Workshops, Special sessions.

Space education is important. We work with universities across the country to give their students access to a limitless possibility in space exploration. We pay attention to the connection between every disciplines and create an inter-connect knowledge graph for every students and make space matters for them.

Our lectures, workshops, sessions can be found on

  • Chulalongkorn University
  • Mahidol University
  • King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)
  • King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL)
  • Bangkok University
  • Narasuan University

It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world.”
– Carl Sagan