MESSE – Credits


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Nattanon Dungsunenarn
Co-Mission Manager

Kornthong Wiriyasawetkul
Media and communication

Chayapatr Archiwaranguprok
Algorithm design

Chottiwatt Jittprasong
Documents, Integration manager

Chanud Sithipreedanant
Artist, Media team

Poonyapa Vitoorapakorn
Media team

Natthakorn Chantratikul
Media team, camera

and the rest of the team on their role that can be found at team member

Prompt Suatim
Lead bio-technologist, researcher

Saran Seehanam
Lead Engineer, Payload design

Watcharin Unwet
bio-technolgoist, researcher

Pakpoom Subsoontorn
Project Advisor

Puey Ounjai
Project Advisor

Werasak Surareungchai
Project Advisor

Henry Tan
Out reach, contact point for Ars Electronica 2020

Wares Chancharoen, Potiwat Ngamkajornwiwat, and Prapanpong Damsongsaeng from Space Zab

Pat Pataranutaporn
Co-Mission Manager

Supanat March Limjitti
integration engineer

Grin Rhothjirathanin
Main contact point

Borinot Hongdilokkul
integration engineer

Nunticha Sirinak
Main contact point

Phurit Pookayaporn
integration engineer

with the rest of the hard working team and importantly James Yenbamroong, CEO of mu Space Corp

Main contributor from supportive organizations

Phoomparin Mano and Patcharapol Sankaew
Lead flight software and payload electronic team

Issadaorn Kulsantao
Lab supporter

Natthaporn Kobkulkalyakorn
Musical note translator

Chamikorn Phiwla-oung
Web technology support

Suravech Suteethorn
3D Dinosaur modeling

Sethanant Pipatpakorn
Camera support

Panjaporn Wongpayak
Research Assistant

Orapan Meesungnoen
Research Assistant

Artist, Material and Communication Support

Poonsak Jaturaboon
Producer for Bodyslam

Artiwara Kongmalai
Lead Vocalist of Bodyslam

and the helpful team from Genie Record and all member of Bodyslam.

Nottapon Boonprakob
Director of a film in making

Yossawat Sittiwong
Lead camera operator of a film in making

Jitsupa Chin
Inverviewer for the video

and the support from staff at Digilife TV and Spin9

video being produced at a studio space at Rabbit Digital Group

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